Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This blog is being posted by Jonathan (Kacie's Husband)

We just wanted to send out a special "thanks" to all who came out to Isaac's memorial service today. The amount of people who showed up to support us blew our minds. It was a wonderful time together as we celebrated Isaac's life, but more importantly we celebrated God's faithfulness and sovereignty.  Kacie and I hope that Isaac's life would continue to bless you, to draw you closer to Christ, and to display His glory and His faithfulness. Many of you have asked how we are doing, and I know many of you expect us to be extremely sad and grieving. Just so you know we are sad and we are grieving the loss of our precious son. However, the joy and excitement that we have experienced over the last 4 days, and truly over the last 33 weeks, has by far outweighed the sadness and grief.

We are honored to share Isaac's life with you - so please take a few minutes to watch the following video of Isaac's story. We hope that God touches you through him like he has us.


  1. Kacie you are such an inspiration to so many people... I'm not good with my words at all but I think that you and Jon are both so strong. I don't know how to say this but God picked two amazing people in love with each other and Christ... strong, devoted, to have to go through this... I can't think of anyone better... even though I wish it didn't happen to anyone... ya know what i'm trying to say? I love you both so much.

  2. Thank you for sharing Isaac's life with all of us. What a blessed baby to have so many that love him! Rest now Kacie, he is safe in the arms of Jesus, and will be waiting to see you one day!

  3. Thank you for sharing the precious moments you had with your beautiful Isaac! It was such a joy to watch the love that you and everyone had for him. He is safe in Heaven and you will be reunited one day@

  4. God Bless You and Keep You! We have a story also... and if you would like to read ours, about our daughter Abby, it is at www.jerryandsandirectenwald.com. I would be honored for you to read it when you feel led to do so... Thank you for making this wonderful video! It is totally precious!

  5. I am amazed at the beautiful way you celebrated his short life. God is good even in our darkest hours!
    My prayers are lifting you up in the following months!
    What a blessing that you have been!
    What great hope and comfort knowing that he is with our Lord!
    Jesus loves the little children!