Monday, April 7, 2014

Topsie Turvy

I know I've been behind in my blogging the past few weeks, but I have a good excuse, I promise.  Those of you that know Jonathan and I know that we love to create fun and unique things.  Jonathan does a lot of photography and graphic design.  I love to sew, make bows, and pretty much try to replicate anything I see at craft shows.  We are those people that never buy anything because we want to make it ourselves.  Jonathan is always coming up with ideas for different businesses.  He talks about how, as a little boy, he set up a table in their driveway trying to sell rocks.  I'm sure he was the most adorable little entrepreneur ever.  Many of you know that my friend Heather and I have a little boutique, Simply Royalty, but Jonathan and I really wanted to do something together.  Something that would combine both of our talents.  After some very long brainstorming our new venture was born.  Topsie Turvy Coasters and Lids (thanks to my Dad for helping come up with the lid idea).  We have created a line of custom made, personalized coasters and jar lids made from mason jar lids. Either a photo sent to us by the customer or a high quality digital design is placed into the inside or the top of the lid.  It is then covered with resin to give it a beautiful glass-like and waterproof finish.

The possibilities for these products are really endless.  We have come up with some different templates, but are always open to working with the customer to design something special just for them.  We will be adding new designs very frequently so be sure to "like" our Facebook Page to stay up to date.

We are really excited to get this business up and running.  If you love our products as much as we do please share our Etsy Store or Facebook Page with your friends.  Topsie Turvy Coasters and Lids are wonderful gifts for people of all ages!!!!