Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Colorado Day 1

We arrived here yesterday around 5:30. We had supper and enjoyed the cool breeze on the front porch. Next we headed to town to watch the firework show. Kadynce loved it! She had so much energy from being in the car all day she was literally running in circles. After a good night's sleep Miss Priss woke up nice and early around 6:15 (7:15 Texas time) and immediately wanted to go outside. So Daddy took her to the river in her PJs! Gotta love vacation :)

After a delicious breakfast made by Granddaddy we headed up to St. Elmo to feed the chipmunks. Kadynce loved them and even patted a few on the head lol.

We then decided to head up toward tincup pass in the ATV. We weren't really sure how far we would make it between me being 31 wks pregnant, Kadynce never having done anything like that before, and the snow. We actually made it almost to the top though and we all had a really good time. Here's Kadynce and Granddaddy on our way up.

We stopped before we turned around to have a snack and stretch our legs. It felt so good up there and the scenery was breathtaking!

Kadynce actually fell asleep on the trail on the way back down. It was so bumpy I couldn't believe it, but she was sacked out!

This evening we had a yummy dinner with sweet family and friends. Tomorrow, we plan to do some trout fishing if the weather agrees!

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  1. Such a great time! Cherish every moment because time flies.