Friday, July 8, 2011

Colorado day 4: Rocky Mountain National Park

This morning we got up and had breakfast at a place called "Fruit Shake". They have all sorts of smoothies, bagels, and wraps. We got Kadynce a frozen yogurt/granola/fruit parfait thinking she would love it. I mean it was basically like having ice cream for breakfast. Nope. She wanted Daddy's breakfast burrito so Mommy and Daddy shared the parfait ;)

Next we headed to Rocky Mountain National Park. We stopped at the first visitors center and asked what we should do. We were clueless and that place is HUGE! She gave us several good options and we chose to go on a 50 mile drive (one way) through the mountains and Moose country to Grand Lake. We drove up all the way to 12000 ft at one point! We stopped at a little pond to have lunch and there just happened to be a MOOSE eating there too!

A little down the road we saw 2 more and then another one on our way back. So we saw a total of 4 moose today (or Moof as Kadynce says). We were really excited. It took us a total of about 3 hours to reach the lake and Kadynce was very excited to get out and run around.

It was beautiful and we were very glad we chose that drive. It only took us about an hour and a half to get back "home" since we didn't stop as much. This evening we enjoyed sitting outside the RV for a little while before going to town for dinner.

We're now watching a little Toy Story 2 before bed!

We had such a good day enjoying God's beautiful creation.

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  1. You all are having a great time. Such nice weather too!