Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Isaac's Story by Steve Adler

I am planning on telling Isaac's birth story from my point of view in the next few days. I have just been taking a little bit of time to rest both physically and emotionally. This is his story as written by our good friend, Steve Adler. He read it at the memorial service and it just meant so much to us that we wanted to share it with you all.

To reiterate what Jonathan said last night, we cannot thank all of you enough for your prayers, love, and support over the last months and especially the last few days. You have all been the perfect example of the body of Christ and we are eternally grateful.

Isaac’s story begins two days before Christmas last year. God had given Jonathan and Kacie a gift, and God would use the next several months to give them more gifts and blessings, and teach them more than they could have ever expected. They were so excited to learn that they were expecting another baby. Then the next month, January, was busy and included a move from Dallas to Round Rock, and though there were some difficulties, they were assured of the baby’s health when they heard his heart beat.

At twelve weeks the doctors noticed some irregularities during an ultrasound. Jonathan and Kacie were made aware that there could be possible complications, and while anxious, they still didn’t think it was life-threatening. Three weeks later, they learned that the baby had multiple anomalies - and all of them serious. After more tests, it was concluded that the baby would not live long, if at all. An amniocentesis allowed the doctors to diagnose Trisomy 13, and medically declare the baby “incompatible with life.”

Devastated, Jonathan and Kacie were put in a position they never imagined themselves in. Jonathan recalls, “I’ve always believed I would never even consider an abortion, but when put in that situation and all the doctors selling termination as the best thing to do, it seemed like a real option. It made sense.” But God had not given this baby (or this opportunity) to them in order for them to quit or take the easy way out. Terminating was never a real option. This was not their child - it was God’s. God had given them a gift - for their joy and for His glory. And they were determined to protect this life and glorify God with it.

Shortly after, Kacie wrote on her blog: “Just as the Lord called Abraham to offer his son to him as a sacrifice, we believe that as parents we should always remember that our children are not ours. They are the Lord’s, and it is not about the plan that we have for them but it is about His plan. That is why we have chosen the name Isaac for our precious son. It is a reminder that his life (no matter how long or short it is here on earth) is for the glory of the Lord.”

The next few months were extremely hard knowing that he wouldn’t live, and that in reality, his heart could stop at any time. But the Lord gave strength, and while it was hard, Jonathan and Kacie made every effort not to mourn a life still being lived. They celebrated the small moments: his sonograms, his kicks, and hearing his heartbeat. God gave unexplainable peace during this terrible storm, and comforted them through overwhelming support and prayers offered by family, friends, and the body of Christ.

About three weeks ago, Jonathan and Kacie took a much needed family trip to Colorado. They relaxed and spent some time in the mountains, all the while God gently reminding them of His majesty and preparing them to see Isaac only two days after arriving back home. Friday night Kacie went into labor at 33 weeks and the flood of emotions was in full effect. Fear of the unknown. Excitement. Nervousness. Chaos. Peace. Grief. Joy. All being experienced at the same time. And Saturday was no different. So many mixed emotions, but one thing remained constant and unchanged - God is good.

At 12:20 pm, Isaac was born at just over 4 pounds and (taking after his dad), almost 18 inches long! He was born alive, whimpering, and breathing calmly - all things that were not normal for Trisomy 13 babies, but all things that were prayed for and answered according to God’s mercy, and saying “yes” to the prayers of His people. Sometime during the next two hours (and no one can even say exactly when), Isaac slipped away very peacefully - again, not normal for babies in his condition. Isaac’s life was short, but it was not wasted. There are few words that can describe those two short hours.

And Powerful come to mind.

In that room there was a tremendous amount of grief and pain mixed with an indescribable joy and happiness. They had heard another couple describe the loss of their child as “a sacred dance of grief and joy, with joy taking the lead in the dance.” This perfectly described Jonathan and Kacie’s experience. Almost all of their memories of that day are happy memories. And they have never felt so loved, so much a part of the body of Christ, as they have these last few days.

Eighteen weeks ago, they had the choice to terminate and miss all this. But they knew that Isaac’s life would unite people in love. They knew it would bring more joy than sadness. They knew it would (and already has) opened the door for the gospel to be shared. And they knew they had been trusted with a tremendous opportunity to proclaim the faithfulness, the goodness, and the sovereignty of a holy God. They had been set aside to glorify God in a unique way, and I am so grateful for their God-centered response. Like Job, their lives have answered every question simply and powerfully, “The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Either way, blessed be the name of the Lord.”


  1. What a lovely commentary on such a difficult situation. We are all blessed to have been part of Isaac's brief life!

  2. What a perfect testimony of God's precious grace. We love your family so much and continue to pray for you guys as you continue on in your journey.

  3. Kacie, what a beautiful and powerful testimony. Thank you for sharing with so many all of your journey. No one knows the difficulty of where you've been, unless they've walked in your shoes. But God's grace has been amazing in your life, and God was so honored. Our love and prayers continue for you.

  4. That is BEAUTIFUL! You are both amazing people and your family is constantly in our prayers for God to heal and bless you both.

  5. As friends of your sister in law we have earnestly lifted you and precious Issac up in prayers from Memphis, TN. We have been blessed by you and the story that God is unfolding each day. Thank you for being so authentic! You have blessed those whom you may never meet!

  6. Amy Mae LangworthyJuly 22, 2011 at 4:44 AM

    What a beautiful and admirable story. I'm glad Susan shared the link to this blog with me.

  7. So beautiful....thank you for sharing! Also a friend of Susan's, I was honored to pray for you.

  8. I am a friend of Rudy and Julie Mast. She linked to your blog from Facebook.
    I just want to say I feel like my heart is with you in a tangled up sort of way.
    Our first son, Isaac John, was born just over two weeks ago on July 6, God's gift and promise to us. That day was the 12th anniversary of our firstborn daughter's funeral. Blessed be the name of the Lord. He gives and takes away, His steadfast love never fails, and His mercies never come to an end!
    I tell you truly, He is faithful, and will not leave you comfortless.
    I am so glad that He is our God, the God of our "Isaac's"! God Bless You mightily and gently through this time. - Mrs. Abraham (Janelle) Mast