Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Week in the Life

Today's "Show us Your Life" topic on Kelly's Korner is "A Day in the Life."  Our daily routine varies quite a bit from day to day, but our weekly routine is fairly consistent.  That's why I've decided to give a quick overview of a typical week at our house.

Sunday: We go to church.  I serve in the nursery during the first service and then attend the second.  We have started letting Kadynce go to "big church" for worship once a month.  She loves it!  Of course I know it's mostly due to the fact that she loves to hear her Daddy sing, but it's good for her to see how the adults praise the Lord.  After a quick lunch with my parents (usually Taco Bell) we head home for afternoon naps all around.  Every other Sunday we host our Lifegroup at our house.  This is fairly new for us and we have been so blessed by these families.

Monday:  Like everyone I used to dread Mondays, but recently they have been pretty low key and I have really enjoyed them.  After a busy weekend it's nice to have a relaxing pajama day with my girlies.  I usually just try to get things done around the house and do a little bit of "school" with Kadynce if she's in the mood (at 3 I'm not going to push it).  Then there is Monday nights.  Oh how I love Monday nights.  First I go to the ladies bible study at church and then I meet with some girlfriends for coffee.  It's always such good fellowship and I leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week.

Tuesday:  Kadynce goes to school at our church.  Lydia and I either run errands or hang out around home.  We always go to lunch at Chili's with my mom.  We have actually been so much that we have developed a relationship with our sweet server, Jen.  We pick up Kadynce  from school and bring her home for a short rest before we head to the park with friends until Daddy gets off work.

Wednesday:  Kadynce goes to her ballet and tap class.  She absolutely LOVES it and it is such a joy to watch her.  The rest of the day is spent at home.  Mom comes over for dinner and to hang out with us while Jonathan goes to band practice.

Thursday:  Kadynce goes to school.  I usually try to stay home and get the house cleaned and laundry caught up before the weekend.  Most weeks we have dinner with our wonderful friends, the Adlers.  Kadynce lives for these nights.  She loves those kids soooo much!

Friday and Saturday:  Jonathan is off these days and they tend to vary in what we do depending on the week.  One thing that is almost certain is that Kadynce stays the night with my Mom and Dad on Saturday.  This such a special time for her that she always looks forward to.

Our life is not perfect, but I love it and many days as I look around I feel like I'm living in a dream.  This is seriously all I have wanted since I was a little girl and I am so, so thankful.  I'm thankful that the Lord blessed me with a husband that values me being a stay at home mom as much as I do.  He never expects the house to be perfect and arrives home from work ready to jump in and help me with what needs to be done.  He often gets up with Lydia in the morning so I can have a little bit more sleep after being up with her in the middle of the night.

I have seen several posts on Facebook recently about how people portray their lives through social media.  Its true that what you see is everybody's best.  You don't see the messy house and the screaming children.  You see the 1 good picture that has been cropped and edited out of 100.  Since I'm sharing my day to day life in this post I decided to share some unedited and very true to life pictures.  This is real life people!

 I put this picture because this was right before she chunked the bowl into the sink splattering stuff EVERYWHERE.  At least the bowl didn't break.


  1. I loved reading about your day! Your girls are adorable!