Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I know all 5 of you that read this blog are thinking "wow Kacie, 2 posts so far this week!"  Let's just say that the Good Lord gave me a little kick in the rear-end this weekend about how I need to keep up with this blog, so here I am.

The very first session at the Dotmom conference this weekend was about evaluating the subtext of your parenting.  This was a very convicting topic for me.  Are my actions matching up to the words that come out of my mouth?  When I tell Kadynce that she is important to me, but all she hears all day is "let me finish _____ first."  What is that really saying to her?  When I do actually put housework and Facebook aside to spend time with my children am I truly enjoying the moment or am I too busy trying to take the perfect picture of that moment?  Kids are smart little boogers and they pick up more than we give them credit for.  Housework, Facebook, and Instagram are not bad things in and of themselves.  We just need to be careful that they do not become an obsession.  I also need to say that I think it's very important not be judgmental in this area.  Just because "so and so" seems to be on some sort of social media a lot does not mean they are neglecting their children.  Is IS ok though to be jealous that they actually have time to play on the computer (just kidding, just kidding;))

As I was thinking about the topic of the "subtext" in our lives I began to think about other areas besides parenting.  Yesterday I posted a link on my Facebook page to this blog.  I found something very interesting when I posted it.  As you can see in the below screen shot the blog post received 1 "like" while the picture I posted of my daughter just about an hour later received 66.

I never post anything to see how many "likes" I can get so that's really neither here nor there.  I just thought it was interesting.  Anyway, back to how this relates to subtext.  It's not just our children that hear our actions louder than our words.  Our spouses do as well.  What is it saying to them when we  spend more time investing in someone else's life (fictional or real) than theirs?  Then there is the fact that everyone sees your every move on Facebook.  What is it saying when you post a link to an upcoming activity at your church only to turn around and post an "R" rated status about how crummy your day has been and how much you hate life.  Believe me y'all, I'm preaching to myself just as much as I am anyone else.  This is something that has been so very convicting to me and I just had to share. 

"Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth." 1 John 3:18  

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