Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day and Link-up

Today I am so very thankful. Not too long ago I wrote this post about my mommy. Each and every day I feel so blessed that she is my mom. I am thankful for her mom, my grandmother. Even though I never had the privilege of meeting her I know she must have been an incredible lady because she raised such an amazing person (my aunts and uncle aren't half bad either ;)). I am thankful for my Grandmamma. I feel so blessed that she has always been such a huge part of my life. She taught me the important things like how to see the man in the moon, counting to 10 in spanish, and baking snickerdoodles lol. Seriously though, she is such a special lady and I love her so. I am also thankful for Jonathan's mom and grandmothers that have helped make him the awesome husband and Daddy that he is. Today and everyday I am so thankful for these ladies.

I am also thankful for the babies that have given me the title "Mommy". Jonathan and Kadynce gave me a necklace today that had three charms with my three sweet baby's names. One baby is now a 2 year old full of energy, one is in heaven, and one is kicking and squirming in my belly. I am so thankful for all three of them.

Last night I was thinking about this past year and what last Mother's Day was like for me. We went to Sea World and had a wonderful day as a family. I remember thinking it would be my only Mother's Day with my sweet boy so I tried to soak it all up. I love this little video Jonathan made.

I didn't think about it before, but I think it's pretty appropriate that my first link up for Mommies with a negative prenatal diagnosis (I would LOVE suggestions for a name for this) is right after this special day that celebrates Mommies. It can be a hard day for those of us that have lost babies or are carrying a baby that is very sick. For me it is another day to remember and celebrate our Isaac's life no matter how short it was. Just as much as Kadynce and Lydia have made me a mommy, Isaac did too.

My hope and prayer is that through this link up you are able to find other moms or families to connect with. I hope you are able to encourage each other, cry together, laugh together, rejoice together, and pray for each other. So please, if you have had a baby or are currently carrying a baby that has been diagnosed as being incompatible with life or very sick link up below. Also feel free to share this with people you think it may help.


  1. What a sweet tribute to your mom she sounds Awesome! I hope your mother's day was peaceful and blessed. I will announce the link up again tomorrow! Hugs sweet mommy.

  2. What a great idea! And today marks our 2 year anniversary of when we got our "incompatible with life" diagnosis, what timing! I hope your Mother's Day went as best as it could. <3

  3. Is the link up for people who chose to carry with the diagnosis or anyone with the incomparable with life diagnosis? I hope you had a peaceful mothers day

    1. Thank you so much! I hope your mother's day was good as well. The link up is for anyone.

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