Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Their Trash=My Treasure!

I LOVE finding a good bargain.  It is in my blood.  My dad tells stories all the time about going with my Pawpaw (my Grandaddy's Dad) to Canton for First Monday Trade Days.  This was way before the Arbors and Pavilions that they now have with all of the new, crafty items.  It was when people would just set up their "stuff" they were wanting to sell or trade on the back of their truck for the weekend.  My dad says that Pawpaw knew exactly how much something was worth and how much he could make reselling it.  Finding a good deal was an adrenaline rush to him.

Fast forward a bit to my childhood.  I remember many Saturdays heading to Dallas with my Mom and Grandmamma to hit every garage sale we could.  I absolutely loved going with them and still have so many wonderful memories from those days.  Sometimes we were looking for something specific and other times we were just going for fun, but we almost always came back great treasures.  We would find barely-used furniture, toys, clothes, and who know what else for a fraction of the price they would have been new.

I know many people have never thought about buying things second hand and some just don't like the thought of it.  I said I would write a post about second-hand shopping because I love it and think it is just so practical.  I encourage you to try it if you haven't before.  Beware, you may become addicted :)  I am going to share a few items that we have purchased second hand.  I am including the prices only because I want you to truly see how good of a deal you can get.

This dresser we bought shortly after we got married at Goodwill for $100.00.  It was originally an oak finish and Jonathan just recently painted it black for me.

We bought this chandelier at a garage sale for $7.00 and I got the shades for a total of $3.00 on clearance at Lowes.

We bought Kadynce's and now Lydia's crib on craigslist for around $100 mattress included (I can't remember the exact price, that was a while ago lol)

 My parents bought this train set and table for Kadynce's birthday and they got it on Craigslist for a total of $45.00.  It is a mix of wooden Melissa and Doug trains and Thomas trains.  There are even more pieces in a box.

Then there are all of Kadynce's clothes.  It's funny because people are always asking where I get her clothes and the answer is so often Kid to Kid or Once Upon a Child.  My mom and I are VERY frequent visitors to those stores.  The secret really is to go frequently because they get new things in daily and that is how you get the best deals.  Her velvet, smocked, Christmas dress was only $3.50!!!!!  If that's not a good deal I don't know what is.

I would love for you to comment with what kind of deals you have gotten from second-hand shopping!


  1. Kacie...I love getting deals too and have no problem with second hand items. My biggest struggle is finding the time to look for the bargains. With 4 kids it's hard to spend much time browsing! But recently I got a really pretty high chair at Once Upon a Child. It was in perfect condition and looked brand new. Retail price is $130 but they were selling it for $80 and I had brought in a portable baby swing so with the trade in I paid $63 for the high chair, so almost half price. I plan to do more clothing shopping there, especially for Micah since he doesn't have any brothers to pass clothing on to!

  2. Im also a fan of second hand shopping! We recently purchased a 2 piece sectional couch at a resale store for $150.00 and I compared the price to a new one and the new one was $1200.00. Cha-Ching. Our Entertainment, that was at one point someones dresser,I purchased for $25.00 and gallon of paint and poof, FABULOUS! Second hand shopping is great but sometimes, I find the best deals at Auctions. My mother and I go to the Cumby Auctions on Tuesday and Saturdays and they havewonderful deals. I was looking for a book case for the living room. I got two short bookcases for $12.50, retail price for one at the store, $30.00, to the savings math in your head! AT Ross and other furniture stores I had been looking at a storage Ottomon and they ranged from 150.oo to $400.00, found one at Goodwill ( twice the size of the ones I had priced) for $45.00 only thing that needed to be fixed was a hindge. If your on a budget or even if your not on a budget, Second Shopping is the best way to go! MY list of favorite places, Goodwill, The Cumby Auction, Helping hands in Rockwall, and the Salvation Army in Dallas off of Harry Hines, and garage Sales! CANT BEAT THE PRICES!

  3. I love bargain shopping and buying things used! One of my recent deals was from our ReUzit store. I picked up a Fisher Price Incrediblock with a huge back of those peek-a-boo blocks included for $12. Turns out the toy goes on Ebay for anywhere between $70-$90!!! Half the fun of shopping is trying to find the best deals, love the rush! :)

  4. Awesome deals!!!! Everything in my house is second hand, here in La you would not believe the things people get rid of. I love swap meets and yard sales. Last week I bought Shayla a big girl bed from a swap meet. It is shabby chic solid wood twin size. We paid $100 which seemed like alot to me but my husband did not mind because it was real wood and in great condition. I looked online and they are about $800 pretty good deal. Thanks for sharing all your fun stuff. I LOVVVVVVVVE the crib :)

  5. Kacie: When Lee was beginning to furnish his apartment in Champaign IL, he started looking for a leather chair. He found one of Craigslist for $100.00 and it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! He also bought a brand new loveseat (with the price tags still on) for $105.00....original price was over $500.00! He is quite the bargain hunter and was so proud of his purchases!! Cheryl Hyatt

  6. Hey Kacie
    Just moved from austin to GA. I attended austin stone community church. there are some amazing people there if you guys haven't found a church yet.

  7. Popped over from Kelly's Korner. I am also an Austin (area) mom. Your family is precious! Thank you for sharing Isaac's story. I imagine that couldn't have been easy. He is a beautiful baby. Kadynce looks like she is a bundle of joy. I can tell she will be an amazing big sis to Lydia Faith. God bless you and your family!

  8. Hi Kacie,

    Found your blog from Kelly's Corner. I live in Elgin & work in Bastrop. I too have also lost a baby (actually two) and have photos done with NILMDTS. I enjoyed reading your blog. Buy the way, I love your Goodwill dresser. You did a great job with it. It's beautiful.

    Love, Jennifer

  9. I am a Baylor Bear...are you? If so, when were you there? I graduated in 2000...ECE major. Perhaps we have crossed paths before! :-)

    1. lol! Just stalked your blog a little more and saw your birthday post. I'm a wee bit ;-) older than you, so we probably didn't cross paths at Baylor, lol! Have a great Saturday!

  10. I love Once Upon a Child...I too get a lot of things for my son there. I'm your newest GFC follower from Kelly's Korner. Would love for you to stop by my blog when you get a chance :)

  11. Hi Kacie,
    I always shop at thrift stores - for everything from clothes to books. I have gotten almost all the schoolbooks for my children (for next year) from thrift stores. :)
    I'm your newest GFC follower and would love for you stop by my blog and "visit" me when you time. :)
    Many blessings!