Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Mommy

So, so many people have been there for us over the past few weeks and we really and truly appreciate all of you more than you know. There is one person, though that literally moved in with us for three weeks and without her I don't know what I would have done. I just feel like she deserves a public "thank you" and this person is my mommy! Her and my dad arrived the night before Isaac was born and she just left this past Friday morning. For three weeks she fed, bathed, and clothed Kadynce. She did laundry, dishes, and washed everything that wasn't nailed down, as she put it. Most importantly she was there for me when I needed to talk, cry, or just sit in silence. I didn't have to be alone when Jonathan went back to work and I was so thankful for that. She let me be the child, her baby for a few weeks and that is what I needed. We were able to make some great memories in the past three weeks that I will treasure forever so I wanted to share a few pictures!

Thank you so much, Mom for everything! We love you so much!


  1. Your mom is a her!

  2. My sweet Lulabelle, how you bless me! What an incredible gift it was for me, that God and your daddy made it possible for me to stay there, and that our Jonathan wanted me there too. Thank you for honoring me in such a way with your beautiful words, I love you all to pieces and am beyond proud to be your Mommy <3