Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Do you ever feel like your head's just not big enough to wear all of your hats?  Haha no silly, not that kind of hat.  I'm referring to when the term "hat" is used to described the various roles you play in life. I'm wife, mommy, daughter, friend, granddaughter, niece, cousin, daughter in law, pastor's wife, nursery volunteer and others that I'm sure forgot to name.  Add in all of the "small hats" so to speak under each one such as chef, housekeeper, counselor, teacher, nurse, etc and that's a lot of hats. Sometimes it just feels so overwhelming.  This morning my mind was racing.  Thinking about what I needed to say to who, how to be the best friend I could, how I have failed as a mommy and wife over the past few days.  Honestly at times I feel like all of these hats, all of these responsibilities are smothering me.  I know Im not alone in feeling this way.  Then in the midst of my head spinning I was reminded of something.  The words I wrote in my last post.  Grace.  I should try giving myself some.  I can't be everything to everybody all the time.  There are times when one or more hats may need to be hung up for a while so I can focus on what's right in front of me at that moment.  There are times that my different roles are going to clash.  For example, being the wife I need to be may mean being not such a good friend.  There are also those times that all of the hats work together in perfect harmony although this may seem rare.  In all of it, I know my intentions.  I am being the best I know how.  If I am remaining in prayer, asking God for guidance and discernment to balance and prioritize my life it won't seem so overwhelming.  I can't expect myself to be perfect because I'm a sinner.  Saved by grace, yes, but still a sinner for sure.    

As I was thinking through this post I was reminded how truly blessed I am have to all of these hats to wear. Although sometimes overwhelming I don't consider them burdens.  I see the people behind each one and I am so thankful and proud of them.  I have the most amazing husband, children, parents, friends, grandparents, in-laws, and the list goes on.  I thought for fun I would share some of these incredible blessing with you.

So to you dear mommy, wife, daughter, coworker, friend, grandmother, and whoever else may be reading this. Give yourself some grace and wear those hats with pride and thankfulness!

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