Thursday, February 27, 2014

Disney, My Favorite!!!!

Today I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner favorite vacation spots.  Last year I linked up with that same topic and was giddy about our upcoming Disney vacation.  I've always loved Disney World, even before I ever went.  I watched a Disney sing a long video that was filmed in Disneyland over and over as a little girl and dreamed on the day that I would walk down Main Street USA.  It's so funny because Kadynce has watched that same (VHS) about a thousand times and we have on video the first thing she said as we entered the gates was "It's main street USA Daddy!"  It was too sweet.  Anyway... I've taken multiple trips to Disneyworld and it's always magical.  They made fun of me on senior trip because the whole 18 hour trip all I could talk about was how it was the happiest place on earth.  I just so happen to have a picture of those good 'ol days.  

I seriously can't remember ever wanting to go anywhere other than Disneyworld on my honeymoon.  Disney at Christmas,as a newlywed, once again.... magical.

Now on to our most recent trip.  I wanted to share a few tips that I believe would be helpful if your planning a Disney vacation with little ones.  I'm sharing a few pics too.  You know, just for fun ;)

  • Try to find a balance between planning and going with the flow.  Have a general plan, get fast passes, make reservations, but also leave room for the unexpected.  You never know what random parade is going to begin that you just can't pull your star-struck 4 year old away from.  I mean seriously when you look over and their smile is literally from ear to ear, you might think your heart is about to burst right out of your chest.  Savor those moments.  Those are the ones you can't plan, the ones you can't capture with a camera, the ones you'll hold in your heart forever.  It may mean waiting a little longer in the next line, or perhaps ever missing a whole show, but it's worth it.  That's the magic of Disney.

  • Know that you won't get to do everything.  This is somewhat along the same lines as my first point, but just keep in mind that there is more to do at Disney than there are hours in a day.  Prioritize what your family wants to do most and try to do those things first, but even some of those may be missed for one reason or another and that's ok.  For example, I had in my mind we would be watching fireworks every night.  That did not happen for several reasons, one of which was that Kadynce was terrified of them and (GASP) our trip was not ruined.

  • If you are staying at a disney resort and have your own car (or a rental) drive it to the park (unless at a resort with the monorail.)  This may save a little time, but I also believe it saves your sanity with little ones.  Letting them stay in their car seat and not having to load them, all their life belongings, and their stroller(s) on and off is buses is really nice, especially when leaving the park absolutely exhausted at the end of the day.
  • Bring water bottles and snacks!!!  This is pretty self explanatory, but food and drinks are expensive in the park so you'll save a lot of money by bringing some sustenance along with you.
  • I could go on and on about specific places to go and things to do, but I'm going to leave you with the most important tip I believe there is.  HAVE FUN!!! A little cliché, but one I think this is too often forgotten especially by the mommy.  So much thought and preparation goes into planning for such a big trip that sometimes we lose sight of what it's all about.  If your little princess sleeps through the Beauty and the Beast show when you just knew that would be her favorite and you thought you planned it around her nap, don't stress.  She'll find her own favorite part of the trip and will talk about it for months (even if it's swimming in the resort pool).  Smile so much your cheeks hurt, laugh until you cry, loose track of time and eat ice cream for dinner at 8 pm.  Enjoy your sweet little blessing that are having the time of their lives.  Embrace the "happiest place on Earth" with every ounce of the child inside of you.   That's what a disney vacation is all about.

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  1. I had that exact same sing-along tape growing up too! Of course I had all the other ones too, but I liked that one a lot because it wasn't just clips from the movies.

    And just letting you know, I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner!