Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break!

In the back of my mind I knew that spring break was quickly approaching, but I kept thinking it wouldn't really effect us since we don't have any "school-age" kids. It wasn't until Miss Anne Marie announced at ballet that she would see the girls after spring break that I realized Kadynce wouldn't have school or ballet the following week. Kadynce was very quick to express her intense dislike for this so called spring break. After all, she is her mommy's daughter. She absolutely loves school and ballet. In her opinion the more opportunity she has to socialize, the better. I tried to hype up how fun it would be to spend all week with me and Lydia and I suddenly got a not so pleasant glimpse of what I picture life being like in about 10 years. Oh boy are we in for it haha. Much to my little princess's surprise we had a fun-filled week and made lots of memories along the way.

The first weekend started off with a quick visit from Aunt Susan. She was making the rounds to see family, with her final destination being Valerie's (Jonathan's younger sister) flute recital in Oklahoma City. We were so glad that she came out of her way to see us. We grilled out Friday night and Jonathan  again blew us away with his mad skills. Saturday we decided to try out Kerbey Lane Cafe for the first time. We had a delicious brunch and will definitely be going back. After Susan got back on the road that afternoon we went to Kadynce's friend, Micah's 3rd birthday party. Micah's Dad and Grandpa just built the kids an awesome play fort in the back yard and Kadynce was so proud of herself for climbing up so high to play in it.

Tuesday we went shopping with my mom. We hit up a lot of different consignment stores then had a delicious lunch at Chili's. After we ran home to get dinner in the crock pot we headed back out to the park to meet some friends. It was super crowded because all of the kids were out of school and it was an absolutely gorgeous day!

Wednesday we met Tori and Taryn at Joann's to pick out some fabric for Taryn's curtains. Then we had lunch at LaMadeliene's. Tomato Basil Soup anyone?

Jonathan took off work on Thursday and we met the Adler's at the park. We took Logan's 3 year (I can't believe that) pictures by the train track, had a picnic, and played and played. Those kids just couldn't love each other more.

After a delicious lunch at Torchy's on Friday we came home to wait for Grandma and Grandad (Jonathan's parent's) to get here. They too, like Susan, had gone to Valerie's recital and were making their way around to see everyone. We are so glad they came down to Round Rock as well. Once again we grilled out on Friday night. Yes, I take full advantage of my husband's love for grilling.

Saturday we headed out to the Star of Texas Fair. It was so much fun! Kadynce was in heaven. She got to ride a pony, pet the animals, eat a hot dog, ride carnival rides, and eat an ice cream cone. All while spending time with her grandparents. What more could a 3 year old want?

They were selling little ice cream cones with animal food in it to feed the animals.  Kadynce said she wanted one so Jonathan bought her one and handed it to her.  She immediately dumped the food out in front of a goat then proceeded take a bite out of the cone.  This picture was after we pulled it out of her mouth and promised her one that she could eat at the end of the day.

 This "donkey" was her favorite.  She insisted that's what it was because of it's "really big ears."

Saturday night we decided to go to dinner at the Oasis since Jonathan's parents had never been and the weather was perfect. The food was great and the scenery even better. I just love Austin!

It's back to the normal routine this week. Kadynce will be excited to see her friends and mommy will enjoy getting the house back in order (well, I'll enjoy it once it's done lol). I'm so thankful for the time we had with our family and friends enjoying great company and the beautiful weather during Spring Break 2013!


  1. We had a great time with all of you. We will miss you a lot.

    Love Dwight, Dad, Granddad

  2. Looks like you all had a great Spring Break. My kids are on Spring Break this week and we are having a lot of fun too.