Monday, April 15, 2013

What'll We See At The Zoo?!?!

This post is a little late, but we had too much fun and the pictures turned out so good, I just had to share!  Two Saturdays ago we met our dear friends, Nate and Bethany at the Zoo.  We had such a good day.  The weather was perfect, the animals were all out and about, and the company wasn't bad either ;)  Kadynce is at the perfect age for outings like this.  We didn't tell her that we were going until that morning and she was beside herself excited.  One of her favorite movies has always been Barney Goes to the Zoo.  The first song they sing is "What'll We See at the Zoo?"  Hence the title of this post ;) 

Kadynce and Daddy checking out the Lions.

Uncle Nate, he's a natural!

 The Tigers were being so playful!  

Kadynce and Auntie Bee sliding through the water that the Otters were swimming in.  I'm pretty sure it was a highlight of the trip for both of them ;)

Sweet sisters, dressing them alike is just too much fun!

Me and my handsome hubby.  I love this man more than words can say!

Oh and this lovely lady too!

I promise this child has shoes.  She just REALLY likes to be barefoot.  

Kadynce asked Timon where Pumba was lol.

 This sweet little girl is such a trooper.  Always going with the flow.  We are so blessed.

We had a yummy dinner at BJ's and topped the day off with some Starbucks.  We loved getting to spend time with Nate and Bethany, even if it was a short visit.  It's all about quality, not quantity to us.  Kadynce loves them both so much (her Mommy and Daddy do too, of course).  Pretty perfect day if I do say so myself!

All photo credit goes to either Bethany or Jonathan.  Thanks to both of you for supplying me wonderful pictures to treasure forever and of course to show off!  


  1. We had so much fun with y'all! We are so blessed to call you friends. :)

  2. LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing! You and Jonathan are looking great, by the way. Can't wait to see yall next month!