Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eyes of a child

Kadynce started crawling last week and there is absolutely no stopping her now. She is all over the place. I love watching her explore our house (or wherever we may be a the time). This morning she discovered our glass back door. She crawled over to it, got up on her needs and watched outside with amazement. Every now and then she would look back at me smile, giggle, and then point to something outside. It was as if she were saying "Mommy, Mommy look! Look at God's beautiful creation!"

I loved that moment. I love seeing things through the eyes of a child. The excitement, the wonder, the awe. I think it is so refreshing and so needed in today's busy world. I praise the Lord every day for blessing us with our sweet Kadynce and reminding us of the beauty of his creation


  1. oh wow! she is getting so big! i'm just getting started with the whole blogging thing... so hopefully i actually keep up with it! love the new background! are you still working at harris?

  2. LOVE how kids teach us to value the simple things of life!