Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feed the Kids for Summer

Last night a few of our life groups as well as our youth decided they wanted to volunteer for a local program called "Feed the Kids for Summer." This is a ministry put together by a network of churches in the area for children that are on free or reduced meals during the school year. The local school nurses have said that many of these children return to school in the fall very malnourished because they have not had proper nutrition during the summer. Our church held a golf tournament as a fundraiser for this program back in May. It was both awesome and heartbreaking at the same time as we helped last night by stuffing bags full of food to be passed out to children around the community. It was awesome watching people joyfully serve together for such a good purpose. It was awesome listening to our friend's 5 year old and 4 year old fill the bags with such enthusiasm knowing that they were helping children less fortunate than themselves. While I wanted to be happy knowing we were doing a good thing my joy was overshadowed by the pain I felt in my heart for these children. We have heard a few negative comments about the program such as "how do they know that these families are truthful and really don't have the money." I know some people may also think "their parent's have the money and just spend it on drugs or alcohol." While this may be true in some cases, who are we to judge? Either way the children are going without food and that is not ok. After we had all of the bags filled I was discussing with a friend how much food each child was going to receive. What was supposed to last them a week would last many of us two days at the most. I realize that I have been blessed beyond what I deserve. I am often not as grateful as I should be for what we consider "the little things." There are children (and adults) all over our the world and in our backyard that don't know where their next meal is going to come from. Please pray for them and pray for what you can do to help. I know I will be.

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