Monday, July 26, 2010

My Heart

I have tried to start a blog many times before. I thought that recording our activities as a family would be a great way for our family to keep up with what we are doing and how much our sweet little Kadynce is growing. Each time before I have failed because I always find something that I believe takes priority over writing a blog. This time I believe it will last since my motivation for blogging is a little different. While I do intend to write updates on our family and about what is going on in our lives, the main purpose of this blog is going to be to share my heart. I believe that God has really been reshaping the way I think and the way I live my life. Over the past few days I feel that he has convicted me to not just keep these thoughts to myself, but to share them with others. I will be the first to admit that writing is not one of my strong points so please try to ignore any errors in spelling or grammar that may occur. My desire is to share what the Lord is doing in my life and in my heart.

With that said, here we go. Our pastor has been encouraging us to read the book Radical by David Platt. I had been told not to expect coming away from reading this book the same as I was going in. I knew that it has drastically changed the lives of many people. I am on chapter 3 and already believe that to be true. I have been burdened for a while about how we live in America, but have I done anything about it? No, nothing other than complain. We live in a society in which I believe has their priorities totally and completely mixed up. We are too comfortable in the lives we live. We will spend who knows how much money on whatever tickles our fancy, but yet we shudder at the thought of sponsoring a child who needs shoes on their feet and clean water to drink. We look at those that don't even have food to eat, or worse yet don't know the Lord and think "oh somebody else will take care of them." What if everyone says that? Who is going to take care of the needy then? A change must be made. What does that look like for my family? I'm not sure yet, but I know it must happen sooner than later.

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  1. Your heart has always been the biggest and best part of you! I love you!