Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kelly's Korner: Meet Susan

Thanks to my amazing sis-in-law for inviting me to post on her blog! I guess this could be considered shameless self -promotion…that, or just putting myself out there.  I’d like to claim the latter but either way, I feel like the last year or so of my life, I’ve been learning how to take more risks, so I’ll just chalk this up to one of them :)

So… basic stats & interests: I’m 33 and I sometimes reach things in tall places for others with my 5’8” stature.  I am… an enjoyer of exploring the outdoors, hiking, and running…. and a lover of all kinds of food, music, movies (who isn’t??)…  and photography.  I rarely turn down a strong cup of coffee, a good convo, or an opportunity to find humor in everyday life (…because we all do some random, funny, quirky stuff…you know it’s true).

 Things I value…  Family… (sidenote here-- I recently moved to the Austin, Texas area last Spring and have loved being close to my bro, sis-in-law & her family and two amazing, silly, crazy, lovable little nieces!)… Friendships/investing time in others…. and most importantly…my relationship with Christ.  I have been given much grace, apart from the Lord I am nothing, and the essence of who I seek to be is a woman who loves & follows Christ with everything.

 Simply put…I am looking for a man who shares the same values… who I can ‘do life’ with—the joys & good, the ugliness & bad, the humor, and the everyday mundane.  A few similar interests are great but totally not a requirement.  The most important thing is that he loves the Lord first and is genuinely pursuing a relationship with Christ.   Oh …and being in/around/near the ATX area is ideal! J 
So… there you have it….  IF I sound like someone you may potentially want to get to know more... feel free to post and/or get more info to contact me! 

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  1. Hi Susan and Kacie,

    I found you from Kellie's blog. I have a nephew that lives in Austin and you both sound very much alike! His name is David, He is about 40 ish. Very successful, has a degree in engineering and MBA from UT. He's tall, 6'3" ish. I think he's very handsome! Very sporty, has a great dry sense of humor, loves the outdoors, loves family and would really love to find a girl to spend time with. I just moved back to Austin this past summer with my family and it's my quest to find him a girl friend! He is such a catch. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested, my email is Hope to hear from you! Jayne W.