Monday, August 18, 2014

You're the Best Mommy!

 Did you know that you're the best mommy ever?  Yes you!

-You with the bottle of formula feeding your precious newborn.

-You nursing your two year old before she goes down for her nap.

-You rushing around making lunches for your little one to eat at daycare while you're at work.

-You still in your jammies teaching the ABCs and eating breakfast at 9am.

-You picking up dinner on your way home at 6:00 pm.

-You that has had a full, organic meal in the crock pot since 6:00 am.

- You that spends your Saturdays making fresh, from your garden, homemade baby food.

-You that fills your buggy up with Gerber at Walmart.

-You wearing your sweet baby around the mall while shopping.

-You pushing that stroller around the neighborhood for an evening walk.

-You searching Pinterest for hours for the perfect DIY birthday party.

-You that finds the best deals for party decor online and has it shipped straight to your door.

-You that spends hours washing, drying, and folding your baby's diapers.

-You who are looking for the best Huggies coupons as we speak.

-You whose child has never watched TV.

-You that doesn't know what you would do without Mickey Mouse.

-You that rocks your baby for hours every day.

-You that lets your baby "cry it out"

The list could go on and on, sweet Mommy.  The point is that YOU are the best for your child.  God entrusted him and /or her to you.  If you are doing what you believe is best for them and you are loving them the best you know how that, my friend is enough.  No more hiding your bottle in public because you feel embarrassed or ashamed.  No more justifying what you are or aren't feeding your baby.  No more putting yourself in an "all or none" box.  It's ok to wear your baby one day and use a stroller the next.  It's ok to feed them homemade food at home and jarred when out.  Be confident in the decisions that you and your husband make for your family.  Be confident in the abilities and instincts that  The Lord has given you. Be confident that you are the Best Mommy Ever!

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  1. You made me cry. Thanks for posting this. It is just what my heart needed.