Sunday, August 24, 2014


If there's anything that I've learned in my short 27 years it's that seasons come and go and change is inevitable.  I used to fight it so hard.  Like the time my youth pastor left us for "some band" and the "new guy" was super hero crazy. Yeah, I fought that pretty hard (I love you Joel and Randy ;)).  I even cried the day I turned 16 and received my long awaited drivers license.  I realized that that particular season of my life, the one in which my mom drove me everywhere, was gone.  All of the sudden in a matter of hours I had so much more responsibility.  I wasn't a kid.  It was all just flying by so fast and I couldn't even fathom how quickly it was passing for my parents.  In the past six and a half years that Jonathan and I have been married there have been more changes, more seasons than we could have ever imagined.  Right now in our life we are in a season of transition as our best friends move to the Northeast.  I know you may be thinking "people move all of the time" and yes they do, but I hesitate to even use the word friend for these people because really, they're family.  So while that is making life right now a little tough, a little bittersweet, I also see another season blooming.  Kadynce is starting her last year at the preschool at our church and Lydia her first.  It is such a sweet, sweet time with these precious girls that call me Mommy.  Knowing that this season will also be so fleeting, makes me stare at their sweet faces harder, and watch them sleep a little longer.  It makes me want to savor the small things just that much more.  I want to enjoy and soak up each season of life because, the truth is, I look back even at the hard ones with fond memories and think "if I had only known then."  Well, I do know now.  I know that God has us right where he wants us right at this moment.  I know that I'm going to soak it up for all its worth because we've been put here for a purpose and I want to live it out to the fullest!    

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