Thursday, September 20, 2012


I'm back from my blogging haitus!  Our rainbow baby, Lydia Faith was born on August 16th.  She is just perfect and I fall more and more in love with her each day.  I promise to write more about her and her birth later, but today is all about another very special person in my life.  I've been asking, ok maybe begging my wonderful sister-in-law, Susan, to let me link up with Kelly's Korner on single's day for about a year now.  Guess what...she finally agreed so here it goes!

This is Susan...

Isn't she beautiful?  

I guess I'll start with some basic facts.  Susan was born in Dallas, TX, and grew up in Camp Verde, AZ.  She attended college at Union University in Jackson, TN where she got her bachelors in 2004 and later her masters in social work.  She still lives and works in Jackson, but would LOVE to live in Texas to be closer to her adorable neices.  Ok maybe I added that last part, but seriously she's said that moving is definitely not out of the question.

Susan is seriously one of the sweetest, most genuine people I know.  Her love for the Lord just radiates from her.  Her faith in Him and patience for His perfect timing is just incredible.  She is very involved in her church and has served in the children's ministry for years.  Family is something that is very important to her as well.  I will never forget how she drove all night when I went into labor with Isaac so she could be there to meet him.  She is a natural with children and babies.  Even dirty diapers and projectile spit up don't seem to intimidate her.  I love to watch her interact with both of our girls.  She has such a big servant's heart.  When visiting us this past weekend one of the first things she did was offer to help me clean or do anything around the house.  

 Now for some fun facts.  These aren't necessarily things she has said about herself, but what Jonathan and I have observed over the years:  One of Susan's favorite things to do is run.  Just this past year she completed her first marathon!  She loves to make and eat salsa and is an experimental cook.  She enjoys photography and exploring the outdoors. If you know Susan you know that she never hesitates to take new adventures - in her own town, random road trips across the country, or mission trips around the world.  She really loves and treasures her friends, and to this day still maintains strong friendships all around the country, even with people she grew up with as a child. There are a couple of things that you do need to be aware of about Susan, however. She can be a little silly sometimes and may bust out into random songs about the mullet she used to have as a 7 year old. And she barely knows about 3 chords on the guitar, just enough to almost compete with Phoebe in Friends. 

On a serious note, Susan is an unbelieveable woman. She loves and respects people genuinely, she never burns any bridges, and is looked up to among her peers. She is a servant-leader who has let her relationship with christ infiltrate her whole life. She knows who she is as a child of God, a woman, and is ready to fulfill the biblical model of wife and mother.

I asked Susan to tell me a little about what she was is looking for in a man and this is what she said:
"A man who strives to love the Lord & the church with all of his heart...but who also lives as a redeemed sinner, recognizing that imperfections, failures, and complete & total mess-ups are all part of the journey. Someone who is not afraid to dream big dreams/creative ways to minister to others. Developing a solid friendship is important.  Ability to laugh & find humor in the craziness of everyday life is huge. Some similar interests would be nice but having enough differences also keep it interesting. No requirements on hair (or lack thereof) and eye color...attraction is so relative and I trust will be there when it's right! Oh and yes, living in Texas would be an added bonus--haha!"

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