Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby #3!

March 11,2011.  A day that changed my life forever. It was a day that I have relived in my mind over and over.  It was the day we were told that the precious life growing inside of me, our son, was very sick.  We were told if he made it to birth he would not live for long.  

July 16, 2011.  The day we met our perfect little boy, Isaac.  A day I never want to forget.  God blessed us with more than we could have ever asked for that day.  Isaac was born alive.  He was moving, making noises, and when he went to be with our Lord he did so without suffering.  

December 13,2011.  The day we found out the Lord had blessed us with a third baby.  He didn't have to, but he did.  Thankful, scared, excited, nervous.  My feelings were all of the above that day.  

March 5,2012. The day we found out the precious life growing inside of me is healthy!  Almost exactly a year after our hearts were shattered by a devastating diagnosis, the nurse said within seconds of looking at the sonogram screen "oh Kacie, this baby looks healthy".  I felt like a could finally breathe again.  

We are so excited and just so thankful for this new little blessing.  I think it really hit me this morning exactly how tough this past year has been when I walked through the baby section at Walmart and for the first time in a year my eyes were filled with tears of joy instead of sadness.  I had almost forgotten that that was possible.  When we posted our good news on facebook the love we received was overwhelming.  Thank you all so much for loving us so well.  


  1. My heart is so full and happy thinking of how God continues to bless you and your family and use you for His glory!

  2. I'm rejoicing with you and your sweet family at the news of a healthy baby! Praise God! Thank you for sharing such a very personal story with us thru this blog. I continue to be amazed with our awesome God!
    Melanie Blanton

  3. We are rejoicing with you and are excited about the birth of our third grandchild. We can't wait!


    Dwight (Granddad)

  4. I am so happy to hear of you blessing after loss. I am visiting from Kelly's link up. We said goodbye to our Jonathan1-24-12 born sleeping. I am happy to have found your blog. Congratulations and(((hugs)))